Squids and Co2

There is a new study supporting the scientific world’s concern on the effect that rising levels of CO2 will have on our planet’s environment. There has been quite a bit of research conducted on fish populations, but very little on any higher invertebrates. This time, researchers chose to study what increased levels of carbon dioxide has on two types of squid. After pumping up the CO2 levels in tanks and observing pygmy and big fin reef squid, they noticed some differences in their feeding and hunting activities. The results, while preliminary, are potentially troubling to say the least.

While our current leaders tend to react with mistrust, or absolute denial, of the scientific data that is presented to them, the continued research and collation of information must continue to ensure the long-term health of our one and only planet. After all, on the day the political tides change, we need to be ready with fact based plans to address the continued depletion of our world’s natural resources. You can check out the article in full here at earther,com.