Another Successful SPLASH Day

Well, it was another successful day poolside for the club. We managed to meet and encourage more than a handful of brave newcomers to don some gear and test out underwater breathing. And while it’s not official yet, it looks good that we’ll be adding a few new faces to our buddy roster!

There were some folks who brought new (and disused) equipment out for testing and there were even a few full face mask breathers in use! It’s always nice to hear members discussing the pros and cons of various set-ups. You never know when you’ll have the chance to upgrade yourself, so it’s nice to hear reviews from people you can trust!

The day was warm, but everyone managed to escape the worst of the heat by dipping in Buck and Chris’ pool. The beef and turkey burgers were flying off the grill and the discovery of ice cream bars for dessert was welcomely received. If you missed this day of free scuba demo, never fear, it will return in July of 2019. Look for it next year’s calendar, right here on this very website!