The Blue Planet Sequel Trailer is Here!!!!

Ok, we may be a little late to the table, but we’re still SUPER excited to find out that the sequel to the BBC documentary Blue Planet is under way.

The emmy-winning original was a visually stunning introduction of the teaming biodiversity to be found in the earth’s largest natural habitat and a great introduction to all those humans who perhaps never gave the undersea world much thought. For many of us, it encouraged us to further our adventures through diving and seek out first hand experiences like we saw on the screen. For others, it was a wake up call to get involved in efforts to preserve as much of that biodiversity as possible through efforts both great and small. And for some, it was a call to finally strike out on the journey to scuba certification, after putting it off time and again. Whatever the response, it is arguably one of the most masterful examples of nature documentation produced to date.

Now we can look forward a further installment which promises even more discovery with more incredible visuals from the world’s marine environment. You can check out the link to to see an introduction of new or original footage narrated by Sir Richard Attenborough here.