Closing Out 2017 Dive Season

A postcard day greeted us as the Cee Ray left the dock in Long Beach, headed for Catalina. This was our final charter of the year and we were determined to have a good day. And we did, in spite moderate swell and some strong currents at the dive sites. Eagle eyed Chris spotted two octopuses, abalone and lobster were abundant. No Giant Sea Bass but a harbor seal and sea lions visited our divers from time to time. Certification day for four brand new divers!!

Speaking of Giant Sea Bass, imagine hanging out with five Giant Sea Bass on your certification dive! Well, that’s exactly what happened the next Saturday at Casino Point. The big guys were rampant and docile, seemingly posing for our cameras. At one point 5 big ones were milling around, allowing close encounters. Senoritas were darting in, cleaning the big guys of parasites. Of course I didn’t have my camera but several others did and snapped away throughout the dive. In addition, we spotted a good sized barracuda, clouds of blacksmith 

Casino point continues to be a favorite site for both certifieds and dive classes, evidenced by the crowd there. We chatted with many friends and colleagues during surface intervals and finished the day with two more new certified divers. Congratulations to Srdjan Stakic, Kevin Lewis, Iona  Brokie, and Lauren Chu on their new certifications!!!

Interested in a trip over in December? Drop us an email and let’s pick a date!

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