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Dates Description Quantity
9/25/2021 Raptor dive boat to Santa Cruz and/or Anacapa Islands in the Channel Islands
The Raptor leaves from Ventura harbor. Bring your own food and drink. We do two or three dives and return in the late afternoon.
Available spots: 1
Map to Raptor
Members @ $125.00
Non-members @ $135.00
10/23/2021 Casino Point, Avalon, Catalina Island
We'll take the Catalina Express to Avalon and do two or three dives in the Underwater Park at Casino Point. See wrecks, monuments, and maybe Giant Sea Bass. Contact the club for details.
Map to Catalina Express Terminal
  to 11/6/2021
Palau, Micronesia
Five days of boat diving, snorkeling trip to Jellyfish Lake, seven nights garden view accommodation at Palau Royal Resort. The trip is fully booked, but contact Buck at rainbowdive@sbcglobal.net to get on the waitlist.
Map to Palau

Once you have paid for the trip and your reservation is confirmed, it cannot be canceled. There are no refunds unless the boat operator cancels the trip. If you are unable to make the trip, you should sell or give away your spot on your own. The club may be able to help if there is a waiting list. PLEASE NOTE: You may not sell your spot to another person if the trip is not full!

Diving Policies on all club boats: All diving must be done within recreational sport diving limits: depths of 130 or less and bottom times not to require decompression. There is a limit of one tank per diver on all club boats. You must show your certification card at sign-in.

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